Friday, July 27, 2007

Back in SD...

After spending most of the week in Anaheim I got back home yesterday afternoon. Networkers was long and at times boring, but I did get to take quite a few good classes. I also was able to get in plenty of quality miles on the bike. It took avoiding most of the free partying and gettting up at 5am to get out to the River trail as the sun was coming up, but it was worth it.

Totals from the 3 days:
bike: 3 rides
Ride time: 6.8 hours
distance: 122.29 miles

1 run
run time: 1 hour
8 miles


2 core/upperbody sessions

Not bad for training on the road.

When I got home yesterday I headed out and got in a mellow open water swim and followed it up with a 45 minute run with mixed race pace intervals in San Elijo Lagoon.

With 10 hours of training already in the books there is no question than I am going to be racing Sunday on some tired legs, but that's kind of the point. The race next weekend (8/5), Xterra Snow Valley, is more important. The Solana Beach Triahtlon is short (1/4 mile swim, 9 mile bike, 3 mile run) and I just plan on having fun and blowing it out.

At this race last year I won my AG by almost 3 minutes and finished 4th overall. My only goal is to have a better swim and much faster bike. I am not sure I can beat last years run. I was racing a lot this time last year. Last season I raced 4 times in July. 3 trialthlons (Carlsbad, Camp Pendletion, and Solana Beach) and 1 10K (Scripps Old Pros). So my my speed was pretty good and I have pretty much been in base mode since my last Triathlon (Xterra East Champs) 6 weeks ago. I also have not been on my TT bike since I got off it at the Cali 70.3 on 3/31, but I got it all race ready and will spin around on it a bit the next couple of days. It should be a fun day regardless of the outcome. B&L is the main sponsors so all the boys and girls are coming out.
Here's the numbers from last year race:
swim: 6:07
bike: 26:05
run: 16:16
overall: 48:28

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Rachel said...

It was really neat meeting you today (as you whizzed past me)! It's great finally meeting a local blogger in person. Great job! It was a really fun race. I also liked how I could see so many people since both the bike and run were 2 loops. It was a fun sprint.