Monday, July 23, 2007

Epic weekend and training on the road...

I just finished up a BIG weekend of training. I smacked myself down for sure. My plan all along was to get in a really big week last week because this week I am up in Irvine for Cisco Networkers and I will not have my normal means for training. So the plan was to put together three days in a row of swim/bike/run. Here's how it went down:

AM: 1.5 Mile Ocean Swim
Lunch: 60 min Hilly Trail run - 7.75 miles
PM: 90 min ride - Hood Hill Loop

Friday was good day. The open water swim and run felt great. I was pretty tired when I got home from work, but nothing a Red Bull and some Energ-ease couldn't turn around. Once out on the road I started feeling pretty good. I rode in all zones but didn't push it too hard after my hard hill interval session on Thursday, but layed it down when I wanted too.
Mean Maximal Power curve:

AM: 2500 yard swim
AM (after swim): 3 hour, 50 mile ride with 4500 ft of climbing
PM: 22 min, 3 mile run

I woke up early Saturday morning, hit the pool, and then headed to Pine Valley to meet up with Tom. We set out on a killer loop along Sunrise Highway in East County San Diego. Killer roads, little traffic, and some good sustained climbing. It was a solid ride but I was defintely feeling the workouts from the days before and was pretty shelled after I finished the last climb. Luckily I was only another mile from my truck and it was all downhill. Later in the day I got in an easy 22 minute run. I was planning on going 30 minutes but I was in hurry to get to the Padres game.
The route:

My post ride, pre game recovery dinner!!:

AM: 2000 yard Ocean Swim
AM (after swim): Brick - 1:52 MTB and 5 mile transition run

The swim in the morning was killer. I headed down to Flethcer's cove and got in an open water swim, but instead of the normal aerobic open water swim I knocked out some race pace intervals. There are two buoys that are approximately 150 meters apart so I warmed up, then swam 10 x 150 hard, and then cooled down. Then I grabbed some esspresso on the way home and then headed out on the mountain bike. This was my first time on the MTB since the race last weekend and I was stoked. I rode my local trails and did 3 repeats of my long loop. Tough stuff. I followed up the ride with a 5 mile run T-run to cap of the 3 days. Solid efforts but I was glad when I was done with the run.
Long loops:


Now I am up in a Irvine in a hotel room (The Marriot). It's killer but the classes I am here for can get pretty long and boring. I was in a training session today from 830am to 530pm with an hour break for lunch. Good info, but tiring. I hit the gym this morning for quick spin on the stationary bike, some stretching, and some core work. I brought my bike so tomorrow I am going to hit PCH and get in a couple of hours before my 1030am class and probably do the samething on Wednesday.

The hardest thing for me this week is going to be avoiding all the partying and shitty food. There was welcome reception tonight with free beer and food, and somehow I didn't even have a beer, but I did eat. They had some killer, fresh sea bass tacos... very healthy. I was stoked. There are also parties every night this week with some of our reps fronting the tab. Normally I would be indulging but I am racing the Solana Beach Triathlon this weekend and want lay it down on the road, and the I have the Snow Valley Xterra the following weekend. So I am sticking to the plan.

Here's a couple of photos from Saturday nights Padres game. It was a tribute night to Tony Gwynn (my favorite player of all-time). He's getting inducted in the the Hall of Fame this weekend and Saturday night they unveiled a killer statue at Petco Park. Too bad the Pads got their assess handed to them by the Phillies.
The statue:

20 seasons, 1 Team:


Rachel said...

I think the trip will give you perfect recovery for Solana Beach next weekend. That was a pretty hard-core weekend. I've done the climb up from Alpine before. It always kills me. I'll see you next weekend! Should be a fun one.

TRI Vortex said...

Good luck in San Diego. Looks like you'll be in my neck of the woods in a couple of weeks. I'm in San Bernardino. If you're taking the 330 up to SnowValley, you'll be about 10 minutes from my place. Nice to know that I'll be such close proximity to an Xterra God.