Wednesday, July 25, 2007

training grounds...

I think I am spoiled... at least as far as the where I live and get to train everyday. I am 4 miles from the ocean, have killer trails for running and riding a mile from my front door, and have numerous hilly cycling routes leaving from my house.

Yesterday I got in a solid day of training around my classess here in Anaheim. First thing in the morning (I got up at 5am and was on the road by 6am) I headed out to the Santa Ana River Trail, which is a couple of miles from my hotel. I drove there because the roads around the hotel are busy and there is no bike lane... Lame. Here's the trail:

I road from the corner of Katella, right by Angels Stadium, down to the coast and the cruised through Huntington Beach.

Later in the day I headed out for an hour run before heading to the Angels game. The run wasn't fun. I love trail running and was forced to just run on normals neighborhood streets... boring, but I got through it.

The Angels game was ok... I had quite a few beers with the boys and hit a late night dinner at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney. Not the healthiest foods but whatever.

Even with the drinks last night and not getting to sleep until about midnight I was up at 630 am and back out on the Santa Ana River Trail by 7:45. I didn't have any classes unitl afternoon so I decided to just go long and again just keep my power in the endurance zone (140 - 189 watts). I rode down to the coast again but this time headed south through Newport and on to Laguna. Here's some stats from the ride:

Entire workout (146 watts):

Duration: 3:06:581

Work: 1608 kJ

Norm Power: 161

Power: max 524, avg 146 watts

Heart rate: max 160, avg 137 bpm

That's it for now. I am ready to go home, sleep in my own bed, swim in the ocean, and cook my own food. One more day! I am going to ride again tomorrow morning and maybe throw in a run off the bike or just wait to run until I get home tomorrow afternoon,


Cliff Tam said...


Dude, than's for the is good to run :).

You are in complain :D

Benson said...

Damn, you are one dedicated tough moe foe. you help keep me honest too. keep it up and stay healthy.