Thursday, July 19, 2007

rib update and training...

Thankfully my ribs weren't as bad as I initially thought. After taking 600mg doses of Ibueporfen and Icing things quickly turned around. There is still one area that is sore to the touch, but other than that I am back to training. I got an easy swim yesterday morning just to feel it out and it went well. I followed that up with a run at lunch, and again it felt better than anticipated.

As soon as I hurt my ribs I haven't been able to get this scene from "I'm Gonna Git You Sucka" out of my head.

I got in a solid ride this morning.
Time: 1:25
Distance: 20 miles
Ascent: 2790 ft.
work: 870 kj
Norm Power: 215 watts

I have been planning on doing hill repeats on San Elijo rd for quite some time but never got around to it. This morning I was on the road by 5:45 and knocked it out. My legs were feeling good. I did 3 repeats of the climb and succesfully descended each one. Each interval was 1.85 miles with 600 ft. of climbing.

The gains I have made in cycling in the last couple of months are keeping very motivated. I pretty much can't wait to get on the bike everyday.

Here's some data from the ride:

Last interval:

Duration: 10:07
Work: 168 kJ
TSS: 20.5 (intensity factor 1.101)
Norm Power: 275
VI: 1
Distance: 1.866 mi
Power: max 468, avg 276 watts
Heart rate: max 179, avg 168 bpm
Cadence: max 116, avg 91 rpm
Speed: max 17.9, avg 11.0 mph

yellow power, red heart rate, green cadence/rpm

I have a solid weekend coming up and then I will be out of town all next week for work... but I am taking my bike and planning on a big one before racing the Solana Beach Sprint Triathlon next weekend.


barndog said...

Nice way to finish that interval.
Watts/kilo gettting up there, eh?

Rachel said...

Glad your ribs aren't too bad. I bruised mine once and they took 6 weeks to heal! Sounds like your ribs aren't getting in the way of your workouts. Good job. I'm doing Solana Beach Tri too! See you there!