Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rim Nordic #2: Bruised, not broken...

My second mountain bike race is in the book... It was a good time but it came with a bit of a price. Here's how the day played out.

I kind of stayed out a little later than I should of Saturday night which made my 4am wake-up tougher than normal. Once I got some coffee in me I was ready to roll. I was up in Running Springs around 745am.

My initial plan was to pre-ride a full lap of the course, but once out there I just decided to ride the first single track section, which was different from the last race. I rode for about 30 minutes, and checked out the course.

the race:

I lined up at the start line in hopes of getting off the line and the initial single track climb in better position than last time. I was able to get a good jump off the line hit the single track about mid pack of of around 25 guys. I immediatley started working my way through the pack and was feeling. My plan was just to keep pushing ahead and then make a big move on the long fire road climb.

I continuted to pass riders and right before the fire road there is super steep, sandy climb that everybody was hiking. At this point I was right behind a guy in my AG. He dismounted to hike-a-bike and I decided to make a move on the short climb (30 yards). I was able to clean the whole climb and the other riders were hooting for me as I was the only who rode it.

Then I was on the fire road and I dropped the hammer and dropped the group I was with and passed other groups of riders. I was now all alone and ahead of everybody I started with and was making my way through the waves that started ahead of me. At the end of the first lap there is a pretty fast, loose single track descent and I was following a guy that seemed to have it dialed... he didn't. He locked it up going into left corner and I was forced to the the same while trying not plow into him. It didn't work. I went down on my left side... HARD.

I jumped up and got right back on it but immediately know I had done some damage. My left side hurt and taking deep breaths did not feel good at all. I kept pushing. I knew I had a good lead based on time checks and the course volunteers. I just maintained and rode the 2nd lap a little more reserved.

I rode kind of sloppy the second lap but was able to hold of for the win and was 6+ minutes ahead of second place. After the race my ribs were pretty sore so I put some ice on it and hit the road.

Race stats (nothing like getting my HR up there):
Total Distance: 16.78 miles
time: 1:42
avg HR: 177 bpm
max HR: 198
total ascent: 2318
The spike in HR was when I was making my move on the fire road climb:

I woke up yesterday morning and my ribs were still pretty sore. I got in my schedule recovery ride and my legs felt really good. After the ride I went to the doctor to have him check out my ribs and make sure nothing was broken. Thankfull there are no broken ribs, but they are bruised and I probably strained my intercostal muscles. Lame.

My plan for this week was to go big and to do the club Aquathlon on Thursday night, but there is no way that's going to happen. I can still ride on the road, but swimming and running are kind of uncomformtable. So I am just going to take it easy this week and hopefully I will be feeling better by the weekend.


Jessi said...

Hilarious... "I kind of stayed out a little later than I should of Saturday night..." So basically you won the race hungover and with a bruised rib. Nice!

Benson said...

Nice race. Holy heart rate in the red zone! wat to go man.
I love it that you cleaned that hill and left them looking at your back.
heal up.

Cliff Tam said...


no crack bones is good. THanks for the encouragement..time to kick butt this Sun!!!

Anonymous said...

Great race!!

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