Monday, July 09, 2007

Big week... time for some rest.

First of all. The new look of the blog is thanks to Mallie. She did a killer job. Go to her site, donate some $$$ to a good cause and a good event, and get a killer layout.

Well this past week was a big one with a lot of good riding and some really solid runs. The swim volume is not really where I want it to be but I am really focusing on the bike right now and aerobic hilly runs so I'll have to deal with those numbers slipping a bit.

The highlight of the week was my ride yesterday. I headed to Alpine with Tom to ride a new route. On Saturday he suggested we ride a portion of the route from The Alpine Challenge. I hit the pool for an easy swim beforehand and we were out on the road a little after 8am. The ride was killer. Considering the week I had already put in, including riding the 4 days prior, I was shocked at how good I felt. Maybe it was the mid-ride sugar-free Red Bull and Power Bar, but I felt really strong and full of energy during the last hour of the 3.5 hour ride.... and appartently Tom did too as he was dropping me on the long, fast descents. The only bad part of the ride was that my Power Tap kept cutting in and out and I got a flat. I had my Garmin in my jersey pocket so here the stats from the ride:

Time: 3:23:11
Distance: 50.51 miles
Ascent: 4923ft. of climbing

After a couple of big weeks it's time for some rest. This week will be pretty mellow and then I have a mountain bike race on Sunday. I should go into it pretty fresh so it should be a good time.

Weekly totals:
swim: 4500 yards (2 swims)
bike: 185.88 miles (5 rides)
run: 22.06 miles (3 runs)
3 week totals:


Benson said...

looking good man. keep up the good momentum and stay healthy. good luck sunday.

barndog said...

you got your money's worth on the layout. I'm still stoked on the ride.

Jameson said...

Nice Layout! How is the back feeling?

Rachel said...

That's some serious riding! Beautiful ride up there in Alpine and killer hills.

Drew Holmes said...

you rest and I will race. 1st and only exterra for the season is this weekend in Seattle. really just a fun race before another hard week of training and then the taper starts.