Monday, July 02, 2007

Starting from scratch...

Well kind of... With my season half way over and my "A" races in October (Nationals 10/1, Worlds 10/28) it is time to get back to some base training. The last couple of weeks have been good with a lot of riding. I am going to be focusing on a lot of long, hilly rides both on and off road. Same thing on the run. I am cutting back on the interval runs in favor of aerobic runs in the hills. Swimming won't change much. A couple days in the pool and a couple days of open water.

This past week was the 2nd week of 3 week cycling focused block. I got in 171 miles on the bikes (122 on the road and 49 off road). Some good quality stuff too. Saturday I hit my local trails and got in 2.5 hours, 22 miles, and 3500ft. of climbing. Then Sunday I backed it up with a long road ride, 3:29, 54 miles, and again 3500ft of climbing. Suprisingly, my legs feel better than I thought they would this morning. This week is going to big on the bike again with the highlight being riding the infamous Mt. Palomar on Wednesday.

Elevation chart from Sundays ride:

Power data from Sundays ride (yellow = power, red = HR)

To get in some extra miles, and avoid traffic, I have decided to start riding to work on Fridays. Friday was my first go and it was killer. So Friday I got in two rides and changed up the routes. With the San Diego Fair in full swing and the upcoming Horse races my commute has been horrible on the way home. 40min to 1+ hour to drive 15 miles. I would much rather be riding bike past people in traffic than sitting in my truck.

#1 to work:
19.9 miles
1059 ft. of climbing

#2 heading home
18.4 miles
971 ft. of climbing.

That's it for now... back to work.


barndog said...

that's awesome use of your time riding to work. you must feel great stepping off the bike and into the office.

TRI Vortex said...

Commuting, I'd only be able to do that if I'm getting ready for IronMan! I can't even fathom those climbs. I wish I had someone out hear to ride with and work on hills. Keep your eyes on the prize...a cold one.

xteric said...

Like the name change. Change is good-refreshing. Congrats on a super season so far! After my dismal (overtrained) performance at Xterra Tahoe City I took a break & have been back to mid-season base training too. How long out from your next notable race (is it Snow Valley?) will you begin to build?