Wednesday, July 04, 2007

July 4th and a change of plans...

I was supposed to head out this morning with Tom to ride Palomar but I tweaked my neck/upper back on Monday and it's still kind of tight. I have no idea what happened. It's the same thing that used to hapeen quite a bit and I have kept it in check with regualr chiropractor visits and massage.

I swam Monday morning, felt great, then as I was walking up the stairs to my office I felt a twinge right under my right scapula (same place as in the past). Sitting at my desk it continued to lock up. It got to the point where turning my head to either side resulted in a lot of pain. Luckily I already had massage and adjustment lined up for the afternoon. My massage therapist and chiropractor got me feeling better but I was still hemmed up.

I woke up yesterday morning and it was really stiff. I called my chiro and was able to get an early appointment. Another hour massage and an adjustment and I was feeling much better. I continuted to loosen up throughout the day and I even went on a run which really loosened it up.

Now it's Wednesday and it was still a little stiff when I woke up but it's going a way. Hopefully this does not become a regular thing like it was a couple of years ago because it will definitely hinder my training plans.

I really wanted to get in 4 hours in the saddle today, but wasn't sure with my neck/back. I took a hot shower, stretched, and then headed out the door. I started with a loop close to my house so I could pull the plug if I wasn't feeling it. I felt good so decided to got for it. I continued with a hilly ride in North County and then headed down to Torrey Pines. I climbed the inside twice, the outside once and then headed back. The way home had plenty more climbing as well.

Here's the stats and some geeky charts from the ride:
From the Power Tap/Garmin

Duration: 3:52:47
Distance: 58.725 m
Total Ascent: 4789ft.
Norm Power: 196
Work: 2163 kJ
Heart rate: 174(max) 142(avg) bpm

Power (red = HR, yellow = power)


Mean Maximal Power Curve:

Time to fire up the grill...


Cliff Tam said...


Thanks for the concern. Hope that pain goes away.

barndog said...

that's some great numbers for 20 min max power. big watts per kilo.

Camp Eagle said...

Hi Jameson
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Thanks Jameson!

Jim Vance said...


Give your scapula and body a rest. Take some down time for a week or so, and then start back up. Better to take the off time now for a week, and then have a number of uninerupted training for many weeks.

Best of luck!


Fe-lady said...

Congrats on your World's slot!
Hope you get the kinks out soon-
I too have had some shoulder/neck stuff going on...but then I am much older than you...but one thing I noticed about myself is how I sit at the computer and just what my head/neck is doing. I tend to extend my chin/neck toward the screen and it affects my back/shoulders. Just food for thought.... heal quickly!

TRI Vortex said...

HR monitor (check), Power Tap (check), oil slick button when someone is following too close (check). Could get anymore stuff on that bike?