Thursday, February 23, 2006

Actual Race results and Thursday workout...

let me start off with today's workouts:
6.4 mile tempo run

-2.2 mile warmup: 17:18
3 mile tempo - splits:
1 - 5:54
2 - 5:40
3 - 5:41
-1.2 mile cooldown: 10:25

10min spin on bike then 15min of stretching

60 min spin class followed by mile run on treadmill(5:50 pace)

Overall I felt good today...

ok... the actual race results:
course - 750 meter swim/15 mile bike/3 mile run
Swim: 11:28 - pace: 1:32 - rank: 26

Bike: somehow they didnt get my split
Run: 16:26 - pace: 5:29 - rank: 1
overall: 1:09:59 - rank: 5th pre 2min speedo bonus/6th after

there were 60 men and 15 women in the race an i finished in 5th (based on actual time), but if could have taken 1 minute of my swim i could have come in second. I was only 21 seconds behind Marc and he finished second with Jim Vance blowing everybody away and coming in first. I am really happy with my run, especially becuase i know that is by far not the best i can do. Considering i came out of the swim at 26th and passed 21 people on the bike and run to come in 5th i am happy with my ride. i am pretty sure if they would have got my splits right i would have one of the top 5 rides.

so now the swim. i am going work harder and do whatever it takes. i didnt really push myself so at the next race on march 11th i am going for it. I am just going to do my best to draft off the lead pack and see how long i can hang. i am confident if i can come out of the water with in a minute of the lead pack that i can finish in the top 5 (i think). my running is by far my greatest strength and i feel like i am just getting started. i have only been doing speed work for a month and it's already starting to show signs of making me faster.

my new swim schedule: mon/wed/thu - the 3 weekly workouts provided by my coach. Fri/Sun - ocean swim with club. I will get faster!


Spence said...

HOLY S*&T. YOU ARE A TRI STUD!!! That's an incredible race...I feel glad to have found your blog because perhaps you'll remember me when you're famout and making a living at x-terra racing! I have NO DOUBT that your swim will get faster and faster...and 1:32 pace for 100M is excellent - you'd be in the fastest lane of my masters team...I can't hold that pace for 100 YARDS in an open water swim...not to compare but you must realize that you are already in the top 25% of swimmers and you'll just keep getting faster...keep it up. Can't wait to see the results from the next's all very exciting!!! Have a great weekend...

Guernsey Man said...


Awesome job! Yah you kicked some butt on the run and the bike.

I bet you can get up there on the swim too, I am glad for my sake you weren't or you would have mowed me over.

You have got some great top end speed already. Like your 400s from the other day.

I am more of a slow and steady guy. Did you used to run in high school or something? You must be able to run a sub 5min mile.

Do you do any group rides on the weekend?

Guernsey Man said...

Nice I am sure you could go sub 5s just based on your 400 times form the other day.

As for the Swamii's ride I bet you could do it. The main thing with that ride is knowning the ride and when the leaders pounce.

They usually cruise until they get to this oone hill before Elfin Forest called "dump hill."

They usually shed over half the peleton on that hil and then it is a hard 8 mile ride. I usually just try and suck wheel for it.

I think you are more then ready to do it.

If you want I will be doing the SDBC ride tomorrow morning. I will swim in the ocean in the morning then hook up for the ride (i do half with the group, then I go solo for half).

I'll drop you an email with my cell number. I think you have some great potential and should deffinetly keep looking for people to push you harder. San Diego is great for that.

Anonymous said...

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