Thursday, February 09, 2006

time management

it occurred to me as i driving into work today after a 6 mile tempo run, that at the very least my time management skills are incredible. i listen to all the guys i work with bitch and complain about how they dont have enought to work on their projects and get their work done. i often stack myself with a lot of work because i like to be busy and i juggle 2 to 3 workouts a day. i dont really complain about anything. my day is just completely calculated. i know what i am doing every hour of every day. from the time my alarm goes off at 5am (4:45 on tuesdays for a group ride) my whole day is planned. I start the day off riding, running, or swimming. I know what time i am going to eat everyday, go to meetings, get work done, hit the gym. it has become second nature. occasionally things get mixed up and meeting runs long, there is an outage somewhere that i have to attend to, but i am able to rearrange things without ever really thinking about. there are only some many hours in a day and i have too much to do to waste them.

the only thing that has been tough to find time for is my friends. it never fails. every friday and saturday night i get summoned upon to hit the bars and have one too many drinks. not that i dont want to hang with my friends, but right now there are way more important things to me than drinking too much and staying out late. My weekend workouts right now are super important. my season starts april 2 and doesnt end until October 29th at the soma half ironman. For example this saturday i have a 30 mile ride in the morning and then a 90min - 120min mountain bike (can't wait for Xterra). Those 2 workouts in the same day will be tough, not to mention I am doing a half marathon on Sunday (more on that in a bit) and an ocean swim. so the thought of waking up with a hangover is out of the question. not to say that i wont meet them for a drink or two, but when the clock strikes 11pm i'm out.

i am going to be running another half marathon on sunday. my coach suggested it to me tuesday night at our weekly track workout. what the hell, replace my sunday long run with a race. i dont think i am going to try and run as hard as i did in the Carlsbad half marathon (1:21:40). i am looking at this just like a normal sunday long run (yeah right). we will see what happens when the gun goes off.

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