Saturday, February 25, 2006

friday and saturday (tired and fast)

let's start with yesterday:
Swim - 1550
My swims have been really good since the race last weekend.
Right after the swim i did a 30 min core workout.

Pm/Lunch: 5 mile easy trail run.

After my workouts yesterday i was feeling it. i was tired and beat down. this has been the highest volume week i have had so far and it was defnintely showing. i took it easy last night, ignoring my friends calls to try to get me to hit the bars. so i sat around and watched "Prefontaine". i really thought my workouts today were going to suffer due to the fatigue i was feeling.

today's (saturday) workouts:
Brick - 27 mile bike/4 mile run
I felt really good on the ride. I rode from my apartment to el camino, north to o'side and then back down the coast. this is a very hilly ride. i really pushed on the short hills coming out of carlsbad, out of the saddle. i thought the run would be tough. i was wrong. i ran the 4 miles in exactly 26 minutes, 6:30 mile pace, and i had to force myself to hold back. i felt great, i want ed to take off!

2hr mountain bike in PQ canyon. i did a lot of climbing. good ride.

tomorrow i will be doing an ocean swim with the club and then a 12 mile trail run in San Elijo lagoon. it's really sandy back there which will get me ready for temecula.

I am just taking it easy again tonight. i am tired. i just got done ice massaging my legs, this helps my recovery a lot. i highyly recomend it.

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