Monday, February 20, 2006

Monday... a long training day!

i looked at the surf forecast on saturday night and saw that waves were supposed to be crap today. so i sent my coach and email telling him i would like to take advantage of having a whole sunny monday off. so he punished me! i had a long day.

before my morning ride i had my favorite pre-workout snack:
a whole wheat tortilla, natural peanut butter, honey, and a banana. my version of a breakfast burritto.

40 mile ride, pushed myself on a lot of hills. felt really good.

tried to meet up with fellow club members in carlsbad for an ocean swim, but they cancelled it because of bacteria in the water. so i headed to the pool and did a 1950 yard work out. i felt really good and conifdent after the race on saturday.

right after the swim i did a 4 mile trail run in penasquitos canyon. i felt great on the run and actually had to force myself to slow down. this may sound lame but when i am running the trails i always picture 2 people ahead of me. Conrad Stoltz and Jim Vance, and me tracking them down. i know they are elite but it's good for my motivation.

tonight i went to B&L to listen to Jim Vance speak. he had a lot of good info and talked a lot about setting goals, which is something i have been thingking about. i am going to be working on setting weekly, monthly, and yearly goals...

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Spence said...

Nice day! Holy cow... What are you doing for rest days? I think if I were doing that kind of mileage I'd start to worry about burnout. But if it's working for you, by all means keep it up!!!