Monday, February 13, 2006

race number two - San Dieguito Half Marathon

well... i completed my second half marathon in less than a month. this was an awesome race all through rancho santa fe, passing billion dollar homes. the day started on a very bad note...

i woke up at 5am grabbed a cup of coffee (the pot was waiting, i love automatic coffee makers) and sat down at my computer. this is my daily routine. then the first thing i always do out of habit is check my bank accounts. i like starting the day knowing exactly how much money i have in case of an emergency. so i logged in and then almost through up all over my keyboard. i was missing a couple thousand dollars and my checking account was actually showing negative dollars, as the over draft protection had not yet kicked in. i was dumbfounded and pissed off. i always know exactly how much money i have and how much i spend, and to be a couple G's off is impossible. so i tried to get a hold of my bank at 5:15am and obviously i could not get a hold of anyone so i called VISA. after speaking with someone who told me that there was nothing i could until monday i hung up but was still pissed. i grabbed all my gear and headed out for the race but i was going to stop by my bank's ATM to see if it showed the same balance. it did.

so now the race... it was super cold when i got to the park the thermometer in my truck was reading 42 degrees. cold for san diego. so i warmed up had a cliff shot and some water and toed the line. the course was so rad, it was a really fun run... all hills!. during one downhill around mile 5 i hear someone coming up behind me and it was none other than Michellie Jones, one of the best women triathletes in the world. i was watching her the night before at last years Ironman Champs where she got an amazing 2nd. so i kind of slowed my pace down and ran and chatted with her for a bit. she was really cool and gave me some advice for the course. after two miles of going stride for stride with her i picked my pace back up. I finished the race @ 1:21:47... i was stoked. That is only 7 seconds slower than the Carlsbad half marathon and this course was signinficantly more challenging and i rode for 3.5 hours on Saturday. My coach came up to me after the race and congratulated me. I finished 18th overall and 4th in my age group.

ok... back to the loot. I found after the race that somehow when i rented a mountain bike from B&L on saturday somehow my card got charged $2500 instead of just getting authorized. i have to head up to my bank in a bit to get this straightened out.

this coming saturday i have a TCSD club race... this will be my first triathlon since i have been training. It is just a practice race for the club but it will give me a good idea of where i am at.

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Guernsey Man said...


Nice race and way to figure out the missing G's.

I must have seen you out on that brutal course on Sunday.

By the way I will be at the TCSD race this Saturday. I am thinking of doing it only in a Speedo for the bonus points but it is like 56 in the water right now, so I am not sure about that one.

Anyway good job way to kick some butt.