Monday, February 27, 2006

Monday - it's going to rain

i am already done with workouts for today and it's only 1pm. Today is my lightest day and pretty much feels like a rest day. I swan 1950 yards this morning and just got done with a core/stretching workout. I feel really good. Legs are feeling good after that 12 mile run yesterday.

it's supposed to start raining anytime and not stop until tomorrow night. i have already rearranged my training schedule accordingly. I was going to do a 10k trail race on sunday, but i am thinking i am going to pass on it in order to do the ocean swim with the club sunday morning. At this point i am very confident in my running ability, but am really starting to build on my swim confidence. I feel a lot more comfortable with every swim that i can get in. so yeah... i am skipping the race.

other than that as far as training goes i have track workout that is supposed to be tomorrow night that will be rained so i am moving that to wednesday evening. it is 4 x 1 mile with 2:30 reovery between. time to see how fast i really am. I am also hoping to ride the Californina Ford 70.3 bike course this weekend with GuernseyMan
, that should be a good time. My new mountain bike is finally supposed to be here this week. i hope so, it's almost been 3 weeks and my first offroad race in about a month.

Jim Vance is talking about the upcoming Ford Ironman 70.3 tonight at B&L. It should be a good time.

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jp said...

hey I saw you and Guernseyman are planning on riding the Ralph's course this weekend. I live in Oside and would love to tag along. When are you going? My email link is on my website.