Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Wednesday - Long swim/weights/easy run

AM: Swim - 3600 yards - 1:20:00
various sets of drills
main sets - 10 x 100 and 3 x 400

Lunch: weight room - upperbody and core

PM: 4 mile - really easy - 00:31:01

i started this morning with my longest swim of the week (and ever). i am glad my workout schedule has these long swims in the middle of the week. i used to swim at night after work and my motivation sucked. i would try to talk myself out of the pool the whole time and i dont really know why. a couple of weeks ago i decided to start swimming first thing in the morning. now i am at pool m/w/f before 6am and it has made all the difference. i am way more focused and actually look forward to the swims.

I am also very stoked about my progress. i didnt start swimming until october 2005, the week before the TCSD beginners race. eventhough i had been surfing tons i wanted to make sure i could swim 500yards... and i barely could. now i can blast through a 3000+ yard workout and feel great. when i started my average time on my "hard" 100's was 1:48 and in the 3 months i have been swimming consistently i have brought my average pace to 1:29. i know it's not fast, but i am improving and that's all that i can ask for. i would really like to get down to sub 1:20... hopefully in time. time to stretch and watch american idol... hahahha...


Guernsey Man said...

Thanks for the motivation and great job on the swim. That is awesome.

As for race day, don't wait for me at 4:29. My wave will probably start at least 20 to 30 minutes after the pros. So if I do come in at 4:29 on the official course clock I may have won the whole thing (haha).

No idea on the race results, did you take any of your splits yourself, I didn't figuring they would post soon.

Spence said...

Kickin' swim!! That's a great time for 3600yds...keep up the motivation!

Guernsey Man said...

You rocked on the race. They posted the results.

Spence said...

OOOOO - tell us how you did!!! Results please??