Sunday, February 26, 2006

sunday - run/swim - steak/beer

another good day. i really can't believe how good i am feeling on this weekends workouts considering the intensity and volume i put in during the week. my fitness level is defintely increasing rapidly.

1.2 mile ocean swim - del mar. - :35 min
I love open water swimming and am starting to get really confident. After last weekend and then today i am really convinced i can do an ironman. I did the swim with the club and there were about 15+ people. it was a really good time eventhough there were about 30 sea lions swimming all around us.

12 mile trail run - 1:30
Right after the swim i drove straight to san elijo lagoon and did a 12 mile run. i ran through the lagoon to san dieguito park and then up rancho santa fe. this was an awesome run, and my new favorite.

to reward my self from all the hard work i have put in this week tonight i grilled up some steak and shrimp and enjoyed a very cold fat tire 22oz.

this week should be another solid one. my laptop battery is about to die...

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Spence said...

Excellent. I'm so envious of all your outdoor open water swimming and running. It won't be until June that I can get into any open water around here... maybe I should re-locate there instead of Canada. Nice job on your swims... 35 mins. is an excellent half iron swim time...