Wednesday, February 15, 2006

going crazy?

i woke up this morning itching to get in the pool. i had a 3200 yd workout on the table, my longest to date, and i was ready to tackle it. i was also feeling really good about my track work out last night. my legs were still a little spent from the san dieguito half and riding 30 miles yesterday morning, but i was still able to pull off the following:

1.5 mile warm-up

6 x 800 (2 min rest interval)
1 - 2:31
2 - 2:30
3 - 2:28
4 - 2:26
5 - 2:27
6 - 2:29

so when i sat at my computer this morning at 5am with a cup of coffee and half a power bar (Nut Naturals - these things are really good) I noticed there was a brand new podcast from Endurance Radio. this podcast featured an interview with Jim Vance talking about Xterra training. I updated my ipod, grabbed my bags, filled my travel mug, and headed out the door about 5:20am. I was just cruising south on I-5 about 5 minutes from the pool, listening the Jim Vance interview, and drinking a fantastic mug of coffee. Then it happened... it started raining. Ok, i like the rain, but not at 5:30am in the morning, when it's cold and windy, and i am about to get in the pool.

the thought of not swimming never crossed my mind, which makes me question if i have indeed lost my mind. i was kind of stoked. A lot of people (and hopefully the people i will be competing against) would have saw that it was raining and headed back to bed for couple extra minutes of sleep. I am just hoping this all pays off because i have been more dedicated to this than anything i have ever done. In another couple of months I'll know.

hopefull my new mountain bike will be here this week... see link above.


Guernsey Man said...

Solid run work-out and nice job nailing the swim.

Do you work-out with UCSD's Master's group or with Sergio from X-Team?

The cold weather is going to make my speedo event a little chilly, hope it is sunny on Saturday.

Thanks for the heads up on Jim Vance's interview. Did you see he ripped off a 1:11, crazy?

Spence said...

Inspiring dedication - nice job. Wish I could be outside to swim and bike...soon enough. Welcome to the alliance! Very cool blog!

Guernsey Man said...


Cool to hear you are with Mike. I have only met him a couple times he is an animal on the bike.

For someone who just started you are rocking already.

Jim Vance came from novice to world domination in the blink of an eye, maybe you are on his path.