Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tuesday - Easy ride/Track work out

i took it easy on the bike this morning and opted not to do the TCSD group ride. this was supposed to be and easy recovery ride and i always seem to ride at somebody else's pace on the ride.

20 mile ride - easy
my avg heartrate for the ride was 129

Track workout
1 mile warm-up


12 x 400
all under 1:10
fastest 1:06
avg 1:09

.5 mile cooldown + stretching

there were about 12 people at tonights workout, but i was quite a bit faster so i was running solo. this workout is run by my coach so there is no slacking. it's good to have a coach at the track. although i am highly motivated he keeps my rest interval nice and short and right on time. when you are by yourself it's easy to give yourself and extra 10-15 seconds rest between work intervals. i feel i am getting a lot out of these workouts... they are teaching me to suffer again. i just started doing speed work for the first time in years at the end of January and i can already see the difference.

i have been starving lately eventhough i have been cramming down a lot of food. i think i need to re-evaluate my diet. i dont want to get too skinny. this morning i was 146lbs.

that's all... tomorrow i have an AM swim, easy 4mile run, and will hitting the weight room at lunch for some upperbody and core.


Guernsey Man said...

Way to blister those 400s!!!

Flatman said...


Man, I haven't seen 146 since I was about 14!