Tuesday, February 28, 2006

tuesday post #2 (this is deserving of its own post)

every tuesday at work i have 3 hour meeting with about 30 other people to discuss current projects and their status. they bring in lunch so it's not too bad. sometimes it's good, and then there's day like today. crappy chinese food. i always have protein bar in my bag for days like these, but i did grab forune cookie. here was my fortune:

"all your hard work will soon pay off"

sounds good to me.

so now for my afternoon workout. I took off from work about 3:30 and there was no traffic. i was supposed to have a track work out at 6pm, but all the rain made the track a mud pit. so i did the work out on my own. the work out was 4 x 1 mile with 2:30 rest. I did this work on street right around the corner from my apartment. it's a perfect mile. it's straight but there are too good rolling hills. here's my numbers, as you can tell the hills are steeper and longer in one direction (intervals 2 & 4)

1.5 mile warm-up(slow) - 15:23
mile repeats
1 - 4:54 (2:30 rest)
2 - 5:07
(2:30 rest)
3 - 5:01 (2:30 rest)
4 - 5:12 (2:30 rest)

1.2 mile cool down(slow) - 12:00

i felt like crap from the begining, but i was able to pull of my first sub 5 minute mile. i was pretty stoked about that but i defintely went to hard on the first one trying break the 5 minute mark. on the last one i was spent. i was sure i was going to slow down to 5:30+, but i pulled it out. i came home and stretched... another day down.


Spence said...

Oy, crappy chinese. Yummy at times but not part of the health plan. Maybe you should have a backup lunch on meeting days... Nice job on the run...those are some smokin' miles... hope today's workout feels better!!! Have a good one...

jp said...

Great workout. Way to push on the last rep.

5 minute miles are quick!

Flatman said...

4:54!!!!! Holy Smoke (pouring out from under your shoes)!!!

Guernsey Man said...

Solid miles, I figured you had that sub 5 speed. Never done one of those, that is cool.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work
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